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ZAYS Network | Guidelines

  • Guidelines have been put in place to protect the ZAYS Community and make sure that ZAYS is a safe place for everyone

  • This only applies to ZAYS Discord Servers

DISCLAIMER: ZAYS is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by the Department of Education (DOE) or the official staff of Abraham Lincoln High School and their associates.

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Community Guidelines

This is a list of the community guidelines members in the community must follow in order to create a safe and behaved  environment for other users. Breaking these rules will result in consequences to the fullest extent.


You must have respect for everyone on the ZAYS, despite your past grudges. You may not explicitly target people, and you should never discriminate based on another’s sex, religion, or race.

Harassment / Bullying

Harassment is against the rules in ZAYS and is also against Discords Community Guidelines. Harassment is not tolerated and can lead to a kick or ban. There are multiple types of harassment including, (sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, hate speech towards an individual), etc. Sexual harassment is an IP ban, and we will report you to Discords Trust and Safety Team. Bullying can lead to a restriction, kick or ban depending on the actions you commit. Bullying is not tolerated on ZAYS and no player who is a member of ZAYS shall feel uncomfortable or feel they are being bullied. This also includes telling someone to do the following, (hurt themselves in any type of manner) Including joking about suicide or even telling someone to commit suicide. Telling someone to hurt themselves can lead to serious actions taken by the staff team and you can be restricted from up to 72 hours, kicked or banned.

Mention Policy

Members can become really upset with people mentioning them for things they don’t have anything in relation to them, as it distracts them from their normal lives and constantly notifies them for no reason. Due to this, we’ve created a policy for mentioning people. Do not mention the owner for no exact reason or something that isn’t important. You have the right to report a player by DMing a Staff Member. No need to ping them again. If you ever get the chance to mention roles with over 100 members such as a ZAYS Announcement role, do not mention them without prior permission. If you do so you can be Timed Out with an appeal option or banned with an appeal option. Please don’t ghost ping. Always ping members with reasons.


Advertising your business, service or partners is prohibited unless you are an authorized ZAYS Network Partner. Any advertisements you post within the server containing third-party unsolicited messages not in relation to the ZAYS Network will be deleted.

Lewd Content

Lewd content is not allowed whatsoever. This covers images that include genitalia, not safe for work (NSFW) content, and any other explicit (18+) content. Please keep the server PG-13.

ZAYS Content

Exploiting ZAYS content can lead to an IP Ban. Do not steal any ZAYS material (copy the exact same content) from ZAYS or you will be banned. Do not leak any information from ZAYS Development that hasn’t been released yet without permission.

Personal Information

Do not leak anyones IP Address nor take anyones IP Address. (DDoSing, Doxxing, Hacking, Scamming, Stealing) is prohibited and if you threaten to do so, we will report you to the Discord Trust and Safety Team. Do not leak anyone’s email, state, city, age, house, relatives, political stance, phone information, social media, religion, worth, criminal record/charges, court, suicidal tendencies, homelessness, loneliness, depression, death, or school, without that individual’s consent.

13+ Policy

Discord has set a policy that certain features in Discord should only be for 13+ and children under 13 shouldn’t use the platform. ZAYS remains a safe platform for everyone so we let the Discord Moderation team take hold of situations in that, but for the safety of our Discord Servers, individuals under the age of 13 cannot become a high-ranking individual. This includes the Staff Team, Community Managers, and Developers. We do this for the safety of the ZAY Network and mean no harm to anyone that might be under the age of 13. Please be truthful about your age.

Direct Messages

Do not leak any Direct Messages within the ZAYS Network. If someone is harassing you in your DMs and you’d like to report it to a Moderator, do not broadcast any DMs on the ZAYS Network without the other user's consent.

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