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What is ZAYS?

Elevating Lifestyle,
Glorifying Elegance

ZAYS Glorifying Elegance™ is a safe & public community for young influencers, entrepreneurs & creatives. We create a safe space for people to network & share their ideas & we work on a plethora of small businesses.

The ZAYS Network

ZAYS Glorifying Elegance™ runs a free to use service called The ZAYS Network. The ZAYS Network features various online communities hosted on Discord to promote better communication and engagement around our community.


Meet the Team

This is the team that keeps ZAYS running. Learn more about them below.

Start of a long journey

This is only the start of our journey and we hope to have you along the ride with us. We’re hosted in New York City. We heavily encourage you to follow this page to keep up with updates from our network as it will provide you with key elements you can use in your workspace, personal life and business.

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