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Isaiah Le Seur



(631) 485-7306


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About Isaiah

Founder of ZAYS, Isaiah is an influencer, political enthusiast, entrepreneur, computer consultant, video editor, and manager. Isaiah has worked on various projects involving public advocacy to change systemic issues that still affect disenfranchised people in schools all around the United States. He became involved with MBK (MyBrothersKeeper) in 2021 & spoke to local leaders about improving safety around his school.

Work Experience

November 2014 -  December 2018

August 2018 - January 2020

November 2021 - January 2022

Garnering around 1K subscribers on the YouTube Platform, Isaiah was involved in skit, movie, and film business publishing various commentary and professionally edited videos to YouTube.

Isaiah founded one of the largest gaming communities called Police Team Response Int. (PRTI) which was hosted on ROBLOX and featured a dynamic community and an ever-changing and updated server with new features out for players. The server garnered over 1.9K members.

Isaiah ran for Vice President for his student body in Abraham Lincoln High School voicing to students the challenges we face systematically and how we can help ourselves do better. This caused a plethora of changes around the school and in Student Government. 

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