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Polina Yeldin

Executive Director




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About Polina

Executive Director of ZAYS, Polina Yedlin, is a photographer, music producer, student & manager. Polina is a student at Abraham Lincoln High School. Her name, 'Polina' came from her great grandmother on her mother's side. It's a Russian name and she also speaks English and Russian. She truly started in the artist world around ninth grade when her school asked her to join a program. The program led her to Sam Lee (Producer) and that's how her path started. It kicked off as Polina producing. Polina took time off in the Summer of 2021 and started learning the enjoyment of photography on a trip to Miami. She is currently 17 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

Information about Self Love

Self Love

Self love is basically loving yourself. Putting yourself first. Getting the love you need to step forward in life. Self love is a step you need in your life to figure yourself out. Behind the scenes we see a flower getting their roots destroyed because they weren't cared for, they weren't fed water, they weren't in the spotlight. Think of yourself as that flower. Now, when you put yourself in that example think about the people that have treated you that way. That is your first step in self love, take away those people in your life. Next step, make yourself a goal. What do you want for yourself? Not for others. Yourself. And, that my loves are the two first steps on how to get started with self love.

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